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Grab a glass and get ready to "wine down" every week with public relations vets April White and Laura Schooler as they gab, analyze, dissect, commiserate--and, in some cases--kick the door down on the PR industry. Call it tough love if you will, they're looking to make our jobs easier, more relatable and more entertaining.

April White
Laura Schooler

Christopher Tompkins - How to Marry PR with Digital Marketing

September 25, 2020

This week, April and Laura welcome Christopher Tompkins, CEO of The Go! Agency and online marketing specialist. Together, they dive into the elements of a successful digital marketing strategy and discuss how social media and PR can amplify each other. They also dish about their firsthand experiences working with clients and colleagues across the gamut of the communications world. April and Laura deliver the latest news happening in PR this week, discussing Jelly Belly's recent Willy-Wonka-style campaign, the controversy surrounding Netflix's ad campaign for the film "Cuties" and more.

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Beth McRae – MBA or MB-Nay?

September 18, 2020

This week, Beth McRae joins April and Laura this week to break down the value of a MBA as a public relations professional, the difference between working with small agencies and large agencies and small clients versus big clients. April and Laura also talk about KFC's "finger lickin' good" campaign, The FDA's blood plasma PR blunder and more.

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When Worlds Collide – The Intersection of Social Media and PR

September 11, 2020

On this week's episode of the PR Winedown, April and Laura discuss the intersection of PR and social media, when to know what you don't know, the genius social media play by Planter's Peanuts and the importance of staying engaged in social media discussions – especially those around your brand.

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Danielle Arceneaux - Breaking Through a Busy News Cycle

September 4, 2020

Communications consultant Danielle Arceneaux joins April and Laura this week to chat about the current state of the media, managing client expectations, the reality of placing content behind paywalls and how to breakthrough a busy news cycle. Your favorite hosts also talk about how to regain trust within your organization's culture and what to do when your client doesn't have any "hard news" to pitch.

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Abel Flint - Pivoting Your Marketing and PR Strategy

August 28, 2020

April and Laura are joined this week by Suzy Senior Brand Manager Abel Flint. Together they discuss the importance of being able to quickly pivot your marketing and PR strategy to adapt to the changing world around you, how to use market research to create products that resonate with customers, how to get on the Joe Rogan podcast, a PR slip up from presidential candidate Joe Biden and what the heck is going on with TikTok. Have a question for Suzy? Contact the Suzy team at or

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Paul Rosengren – A Government Affair

August 21, 2020

Paul Rosengren joins April and Laura on the show to give an insider perspective of government communications and how it can be used to influence legislation. April and Laura also have discussions around the Trader Joe's controversy, racial sensitivities and what Matel is doing to push the brand towards the future.

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Joaby Parker - What exactly is a fractional CMO?

August 14, 2020

This week, April and Laura chat with Fractional CMO and Co-Founder of Cover3 Creative Joaby Parker about what it means to be a fractional CMO and how to avoid conflicting interests. They also get into discussions around the importance of media training, knowing that anyone can be listening at any time and how to handle conflicting personalities in an agency setting.

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Mike Bush - Creating a Seamless Client/Agency Dynamic

August 7, 2020

This week, April and Laura discuss the Bari Weiss resignation letter, answer anonymous listener questions about providing feedback and get into a discussion with client, colleague and friend Mike Bush about what to look for when hiring a PR agency and how and when to respectfully push back on client expectations to create the ideal client/ agency dynamic.

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Chris Atkins – True Tales of a Life in PR

July 31, 2020

April and Laura sit down with long time professional, consultant, author speaker and professor of public relations Chris Atkins to discuss his 35 plus years of PR experience, how the industry has changed and the truth about a PR degree.

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Welcome to the Winedown

July 24, 2020

April and Laura welcome you to the first-ever episode of The PR Wine Down. Your hosts chat about why they decided to start the podcast, what's wrong with the traditional PR agency structure, what's going on in sports PR and more.

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