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Grab a glass and get ready to "wine down" every week with public relations vets April Margulies and Laura Schooler as they gab, analyze, dissect, commiserate--and, in some cases--kick the door down on the PR industry. Call it tough love if you will, they're looking to make our jobs easier, more relatable and more entertaining.

April Margulies
Laura Schooler

38: Stephanie Rudnick - Athletes, Agencies and Adapting Your Career Path

May 7, 2021

Today's guest on the podcast is Stephanie Rudnick. As a seasoned PR and brand marketing professional, Stephanie wears many hats in her career, including: Head of Global Communications and GM of hospitality and events at MKTG Sports & Entertainment in Australia; Head of PR at Angel City Football Club in Los Angeles; and Director of Communications at Beautiful Game Group, LLC in New York. Stephanie is here to chat with hosts April and Laura about her experiences in working with high-profile client athletes and Olympians, key takeaways from her career, finding her dream job and how the pandemic has changed the PR industry as a whole. They also discuss navigating contracts, client photoshoots and the importance of nurturing your professional relationships. April and Laura also revisit the rise of Substack as a force to be reckoned with in modern journalism, and offer job-vetting advice for an anonymous listener who encountered a PR Horror Story in her first agency role.

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37: Olu Green - Brand Marketing in the Big Leagues

April 23, 2021

This week, April and Laura are joined by Olu Green, director of sports & entertainment marketing at Rogers & Cowan PMK. Having worked with big name brands like the NFL, ESPN, Beats by Dre, Stance Socks, Call of Duty and more, Olu gives our hosts an inside look at what the cool kids want in 2021. They discuss the behind-the-scenes of brand marketing, influencer relations and PR opportunities for high-stakes client accounts, as well as Olu's experience as one of the first 50 employees at Beats by Dre. Our hosts also discuss Volkswagen's recent April Fool's Day flop, offer advice for fielding tough feedback from clients and read an Anonymous PR Horror Story about vetting your early job prospects as a rookie publicist.

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36: Brian Garrido - Discussing Diversity in PR & Advertising

April 9, 2021

Welcome back to the PR Wine Down podcast! This week, our hosts welcome Brain Garrido, Marketing Department Specialist at Meticulous Design + Architecture (MD+A). They're discussing diversity in the advertising and PR industries today, and touching on the state of tourism, wine and hospitality amid the changing landscape of the pandemic. April and Laura also share a new PR Horror Story from the listening audience, and weigh in with their reactions to journalist Seth Colaner's viral Twitter thread.

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35: Trust Relations Anniversary Special - All About April, the Agency and the Journey So Far

March 26, 2021

In this special episode of the podcast, we're celebrating the two year anniversary of Trust Relations. Laura is putting April in the hot seat this week, to discuss why she decided to start her own firm, her hopes for the future of the industry and the personal experiences she's had as a PR practitioner along the way. Also joining us are two guest hosts from the Trust Relations team: Sara Blood, senior vice president and Maggie O'Brien, senior copywriter. Wine down with us as we celebrate the journey so far, and hear a few words from the "dream team!"

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34: Rachel Flotard: Pulling Back the Curtain on Artist Management & Music PR

March 19, 2021

On the show this week, we're welcoming Laura's long-time friend Rachel Flotard, artist manager at Red Light Management and lead singer & guitarist of VISQUEEN. She's here to discuss her experiences in music management for clients like Neko Case, doing PR for her own band and record label, and how she found her way in the industry. April and Laura also share an Anonymous PR Horror Story from the listening audience about what to do when a manager crosses your boundaries at work, and chat about Sarah Silverman's recent public statement.

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33: Gem Pinkney - All About Flack and the Real-Life PR Behind the Hit TV Series

March 12, 2021

This week, April and Laura are chatting with Gem Pinkney, the publicity manager from the industry-favorite UKTV show, Flack. We're discussing the first two seasons, the true stories that inspired the writers of the show and Gem's own experiences doing PR for a show about...well, PR! Our hosts also cover the latest brand collaboration between Chipotle and E.L.F. cosmetics and weigh in on another Anonymous PR Horror Story from the listening audience about how to set boundaries with a tough client.

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32: Howie Abrams - Publicity, Production and Publishing

March 5, 2021

April and Laura are chatting this week with Howie Abrams, former music business executive and author of several books including "Hip-Hop Alphabet," "The Blood and the Sweat: The Story of Sick of It All’s Koller Brothers" and "The ABCs of Metallica." They're diving into the processes of book publishing, artist and band promotion and how PR plays into the mix — including some behind-the-scenes stories about stars like Britney Spears, Kiss and Sick of It All. April and Laura also share some advice for aligning with clients on their messaging and deliver an Anonymous PR Horror Story from a listener who took a PR job that didn't quite match the description.

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31: Behind the News Desk with Kelcey Alonzo from Guitar Connoisseur Magazine

February 26, 2021

April and Laura are chatting this week with Kelcey Alonzo, Editor in Chief and Founder of Guitar Connoisseur Magazine. Together, they discuss the magazine's recent re-launch and what it's like working behind the scenes at the publication. They also cover Kelcey's advice for PR pros, based on the pitches he receives at the editor's desk every day. April and Laura assess the public handling of the abuse allegations against Marilyn Manson. Our hosts also deliver a PR Horror Story from the listening audience, about a PR intern who who faced some surprising demands at the office.

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30: B.L. Ochman - Behind the Scenes of PR & Podcasting

February 19, 2021

This week's episode features special guest is B.L. Ochman. She's a uniquely experienced digital pioneer, co-host of the Beyond Social Media Show and head of the creative team at She's here to chat with April and Laura about avoiding mistakes in pitching, writing and social media strategy, when to use brainstorming (or not!) and how the internet era and the rise of podcasting has changed PR as a whole. Our hosts also discuss the recent layoffs at Bloomberg, and share an anonymous Horror Story with advice for getting the most out of an internship.

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29: Lana Dao - Operations Overhaul

February 12, 2021

Our hosts welcome Trust Relations' Chief Client Officer, Lana Dao, to discuss all things related to operational efficiency. April and Laura chat with her about how to improve operations at any agency, identifying workflow pain points and the steps to take before implementing changes that impact the team. April and Laura also share an Anonymous PR Horror Story about what to do when a client leaves you out of the loop on a major announcement, and how to get the most out of rejections from journalists.

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28: Erin Mathe - Best Practices for Broadcast

February 5, 2021

This week, our hosts are joined by Trust Relations' own Media Relations Director, Erin Mathe, to discuss best practices for broadcast from pitching, to media training, to what makes for a great moment on air. April and Laura also read the latest Anonymous PR Horror story, share advice about how to maintain a positive attitude on tough client calls and dive into the PR impact of the recent events with GameStop on Wall Street.

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27: Tara Wyckoff - Degrees, Diversity and Finding Your Dream Job

January 29, 2021

April and Laura are joined this week by Tara Wyckoff, assistant teaching professor at Penn State's Donald P. Bellisario College of Communications. In this episode, they're discussing markers for good mentorship, underlying issues in diversity initiatives at agencies today and best practices for setting young people up for success as they enter the working world. April and Laura also discuss a new Anonymous PR Horror Story from the listening audience, offer advice for dealing with toxic team members and analyze Rolling Stone's new pay-for-play contributor program.

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26: Lynn Power - Confessions of an Ad Pro Turned Entrepreneur

January 22, 2021

April and Laura welcome Lynn Power, Co-Founder & CEO at MASAMI and former CEO of J. Walter Thompson in NY, to chat about her journey from being an accomplished advertising executive to launching a beauty brand. Together, they also brainstorm new PR strategies and discuss Lynn's experience navigating crisis communications during the early days of the #MeToo movement. As always, April and Laura share a new PR Horror Story from an anonymous listener, and chat about the impact of the pandemic on live events and industry conferences.

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25: Don Klos - SEO for PR Pros

January 15, 2021

April and Laura are joined by Don Klos, Director Of Sales And Business Development at Nuclear Networking, to break down the key components of an SEO strategy. Together, they're covering the basics of backlinks, keywords and other components of the technical side of the marketing mix, as well as the ways that SEO and PR intersect.

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24: Mikal Reich - All About Advertising

January 8, 2021

This week on the PR Wine Down, we're crossing into advertising territory with special guest Mikal Reich, Executive Creative Director and Co-Owner at Dead As We Know It creative agency. With hosts Laura and April, Mikal discusses his career path into the advertising industry, navigating common client challenges and how to use creative ideas to generate press coverage. Our hosts also discuss their advice for showcasing your value during new business pitches, deliver a brand-new anonymous PR Horror Story and share their thoughts on the recent rise of Substack among journalists.

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23: Holiday Special - Ghosts of Agencies and Episodes Past with Arthur Solomon

December 29, 2020

On the PR Wine Down Holiday Special, April and Laura are chatting with special guest Arthur Solomon, PR industry veteran, former journalist, and previous Senior Vice President and Senior Counselor at Burson-Marsteller. April and Laura also revisit their best advice from the show in 2020, along with a roundup the craziest moments and most important tips on What Not To Do in your PR career. They're also delivering a double-feature Holiday Horror Story segment you won't want to miss.

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22: Rembrandt Flores - Influencer Marketing 101

December 18, 2020

April and Laura are joined this week by Rembrandt Flores, CEO & founder at Entertainment Fusion Group, to discuss the ins and outs of entertainment marketing, influencer partnerships and working with celebrity spokespeople. Our hosts also cover the importance of mastering multitasking for rookie publicists who want to advance in their careers and become well rounded PR mavens. As always, they're covering the latest marketing news with the appearance of several mysterious monoliths around the world, and reading an anonymous horror story about an integrated campaign that didn't quite go as planned.

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21: Ed Zitron - PR Pitfalls and How To Not To Pitch

December 11, 2020

April and Laura interview Ed Zitron, founder of EZPR and author of This Is How You Pitch: How To Kick Ass In Your First Years of PR and Fire Your Publicist: The PR and Publicity Secrets That Will Make You and Your Business Famous. Together, they discuss the future of PR and creating lasting relationships with journalists, as well as a few industry pain points and advice for young professionals. Our hosts also deliver a hair-raising PR Horror Story from an anonymous listener, and recap some pitching mistakes from the news this week.

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20: Hamish Anderson - Aligning Your Marketing and Business Goals

December 4, 2020

This week, our hosts welcome Hamish Anderson, founder of Three Piece Marketing, to discuss the power of perspective, how identifying industry pain points can unlock success, and the importance of aligning your marketing and business goals. April and Laura also discuss key takeaways for building out a client contract and doing your due diligence to research a client's competitive space. As always, our hosts also deliver the latest industry news and a new PR Horror Story from our listeners.

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19: Thanksgiving Special - Career Moments & Mentors

November 27, 2020

On the PR Wine Down today, hosts April and Laura are gathering around the virtual table to reflect on some positive career milestones. Our guests this week are Trust Relations Senior Vice President Jenn McManus-Goode, and Account Executive & Podcast Producer Veronica Marie-Leffler Yip. Together, we’re sharing our gratitude for some of the mentors and moments that have meant the most to us in our careers. April and Laura are also sharing the most interesting Thanksgiving-themed campaigns in the news for 2020.

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Aaron Wolpoff - The Magic of a High Visibility Campaign

November 20, 2020

Aaron Wolpoff, CEO and co-founder at Double Zebra, joins the podcast this week to discuss the trends, strategies and tactics that make for a stellar high-visibility marketing campaign. April and Laura also deliver a hot take on the items every professional should ban from their Zoom wardrobe and read a jaw-dropping PR Horror Story about ethics, HR and knowing your rights. Our hosts also ask today's guest to weigh in on a bold move in PR news from Burger King.

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Heather Delaney - PR from the UK to the USA

November 13, 2020

Heather Delaney, founder of Gallium Ventures and international publicist extraordinaire, joins the show this week to discuss the nuances of media relations in the U.S. and Europe. She's chatting with April and Laura about cultural differences, reporter relationships and how product development plays into PR. Our hosts also discuss how to navigate expectations at work, the wildest marketing campaigns from Orbit Gum, and a PR Horror Story that runs the gamut of challenges with traditional agency structures.

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Jon Kasle - Why Content is King and Brand Stewardship is Key

November 6, 2020

PR veteran Jon Kasle joins April and Laura this week to discuss the many facets of brand stewardship in today's communications landscape. They're covering how to navigate a rocky year like 2020, where ethics play into brand identity and how to take the reins in your career. Our hosts also share their reactions to Donald Trump's handling of his recent 60 Minutes interview and advice for hitting the ground running with media wins for a new client.

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Halloween Special: Scary Stories in Media & PR

October 30, 2020

Welcome to the PR Wine Down Halloween Special! Hosts April and Laura are getting into the spirit of the season this week with a PR twist. They’re delivering a full lineup of our ghastliest anonymous PR Horror Stories sure to send a shiver down any publicist's spine. We’ve also pulled the scariest news in the media this week for an analysis that’s sure to be a scream. Wine down with us as our hosts share their industry insights and advice for navigating tough situations at work, questions in office ethics and the strategies behind the latest round of election news headlines.‍

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Austin Sandmeyer - PR in the Marketing Mix

October 23, 2020

Austin Sandmeyer, senior marketing manager at Beekeeper, joins April and Laura this week to discuss where PR fits into the marketing mix. Austin weighs in on how media wins impact lead generation, leveraging case studies, building customer relationships and how to find new opportunities as a young marketing professional. Also on the docket for this week is the latest news about the rise of freelance work during the pandemic, how to keep sales messaging out of a press release and how to “manage up” to your team leads at a PR agency.

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Todd Merkow - Unpacking the Trends in Today’s News Media

October 16, 2020

Hosts April and Laura chat with Todd Merkow to dissect the problems with today’s news landscape and trends in media consumption. They also cover advice for working with publicly traded companies, dish about some of the latest big-name brand collaborations and share a Silicon Valley PR horror story from an anonymous listener.

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Be Bold, Not Bland - How Design Plays Into Branding and PR

October 9, 2020

Our hosts welcome Natalie Sharma, senior web designer at Trust Relations and founder & creative director of Pixetal design studio, to discuss modern trends in branding and design and how to find the right designer for your business. April and Laura also deliver their weekly PR news update, share an anonymous listener story and chat about censorship, social media, and how the value of PR stacks up in terms of ad dollars.

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Agency Basics: An Inside Scoop on Teamwork, Ethics & Getting Ahead

October 2, 2020

April White and Laura Schooler are talking one-on-one this week to dive into the realities of agency PR, with advice on handling ethical dilemmas at work and how thinking creatively can set the entire team up for greater success. They also chat about tips to avoid sounding “Clueless” during client calls and putting your best professional foot forward. Of course, out hosts will also tackle the latest PR news and fails of the week, with an early Halloween headline in the mix.

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Christopher Tompkins - How to Marry PR with Digital Marketing

September 25, 2020

This week, April and Laura welcome Christopher Tompkins, CEO of The Go! Agency and online marketing specialist. Together, they dive into the elements of a successful digital marketing strategy and discuss how social media and PR can amplify each other. They also dish about their firsthand experiences working with clients and colleagues across the gamut of the communications world. April and Laura deliver the latest news happening in PR this week, discussing Jelly Belly's recent Willy-Wonka-style campaign, the controversy surrounding Netflix's ad campaign for the film "Cuties" and more.

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Beth McRae – MBA or MB-Nay?

September 18, 2020

This week, Beth McRae joins April and Laura this week to break down the value of a MBA as a public relations professional, the difference between working with small agencies and large agencies and small clients versus big clients. April and Laura also talk about KFC's "finger lickin' good" campaign, The FDA's blood plasma PR blunder and more.

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When Worlds Collide – The Intersection of Social Media and PR

September 11, 2020

On this week's episode of the PR Winedown, April and Laura discuss the intersection of PR and social media, when to know what you don't know, the genius social media play by Planter's Peanuts and the importance of staying engaged in social media discussions – especially those around your brand.

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Danielle Arceneaux - Breaking Through a Busy News Cycle

September 4, 2020

Communications consultant Danielle Arceneaux joins April and Laura this week to chat about the current state of the media, managing client expectations, the reality of placing content behind paywalls and how to breakthrough a busy news cycle. Your favorite hosts also talk about how to regain trust within your organization's culture and what to do when your client doesn't have any "hard news" to pitch.

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Abel Flint - Pivoting Your Marketing and PR Strategy

August 28, 2020

April and Laura are joined this week by Suzy Senior Brand Manager Abel Flint. Together they discuss the importance of being able to quickly pivot your marketing and PR strategy to adapt to the changing world around you, how to use market research to create products that resonate with customers, how to get on the Joe Rogan podcast, a PR slip up from presidential candidate Joe Biden and what the heck is going on with TikTok. Have a question for Suzy? Contact the Suzy team at or

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Paul Rosengren – A Government Affair

August 21, 2020

Paul Rosengren joins April and Laura on the show to give an insider perspective of government communications and how it can be used to influence legislation. April and Laura also have discussions around the Trader Joe's controversy, racial sensitivities and what Matel is doing to push the brand towards the future.

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Joaby Parker - What exactly is a fractional CMO?

August 14, 2020

This week, April and Laura chat with Fractional CMO and Co-Founder of Cover3 Creative Joaby Parker about what it means to be a fractional CMO and how to avoid conflicting interests. They also get into discussions around the importance of media training, knowing that anyone can be listening at any time and how to handle conflicting personalities in an agency setting.

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Mike Bush - Creating a Seamless Client/Agency Dynamic

August 7, 2020

This week, April and Laura discuss the Bari Weiss resignation letter, answer anonymous listener questions about providing feedback and get into a discussion with client, colleague and friend Mike Bush about what to look for when hiring a PR agency and how and when to respectfully push back on client expectations to create the ideal client/ agency dynamic.

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Chris Atkins – True Tales of a Life in PR

July 31, 2020

April and Laura sit down with long time professional, consultant, author speaker and professor of public relations Chris Atkins to discuss his 35 plus years of PR experience, how the industry has changed and the truth about a PR degree.

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Welcome to the Winedown

July 24, 2020

April and Laura welcome you to the first-ever episode of The PR Wine Down. Your hosts chat about why they decided to start the podcast, what's wrong with the traditional PR agency structure, what's going on in sports PR and more.

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