The PR Wine Down Podcast

Podcast cover art for The PR Wine Down which shows a glass of purple wine spilling all over a white background.

Grab a glass and get ready to wine down! Every two weeks, join public relations veterans April Margulies and Laura Schooler as they gab, analyze, dissect and commiserate on the biggest issues impacting PR practitioners.

With special guests ranging from startup executives and communications juggernauts, to the journalists and filmmakers on the other side of the desk, April and Laura deliver the latest news, trends and horror stories for rookie publicists and seasoned professionals alike.

Call it tough love if you will, they're on a mission to make our jobs easier, more relatable and more entertaining — and, in some cases, to kick down the door on today’s PR industry.

April Margulies
Laura Schooler

48: Lee Caraher - The Old, The New and The News

September 24, 2021

This week on the PR Wine Down, our hosts are joined by Lee Caraher. She's the CEO of Double Forte, a national independent PR and communications agency, and an acclaimed communications strategist. She's wining down this week on the show to discuss the work Double Forte is doing to close the gender "Say Gap" in PR, evaluate how PR has changed over recent decades and discuss what small brands can do to make a splash in the news media today. April and Laura also deliver a new Anonymous PR Horror story featuring an account coordinator who offered inappropriate advice, discuss gender dynamics in the workplace today and chat about the latest viral Tweet in journalism this week.

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47: Rick Smith - Content Syndication 101

September 10, 2021

On the show this week, April and Laura welcome Rick Smith, Founder and CEO at NewsUSA and NewsCanada. He's here to discuss his experience in the content syndication business, including the differences between a press release and a mat release, how video syndication can complement a company's marketing strategy and where the future lies for independent content creators. Our hosts also discuss the latest Anonymous PR Horror Story to land in their inboxes, this time about an account lead learning to manage an overzealous new hire, and share tips on the questions clients always ask when they've been burned by PR in the past. They also deliver the latest PR industry news on The New York Times' subscription newsletter launch -- featuring a bonus baseball story from Laura!

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46: Jenn McManus-Goode - Managing Clients, Accounts and Tough Conversations

August 27, 2021

This week on the show, our hosts welcome Trust Relations' own Senior Vice President, Jenn McManus-Goode! Having worked with in-house teams and agency clients alike, Jenn is here to share her best advice for client management, including tips for a successful up-sell and advice for navigating major client transitions with grace. April and Laura also discuss what not to do when the company you work for gets acquired, and chat through the implications of the recent unionization efforts at Forbes. This week's Anonymous PR Horror Story comes from a listener seeking immediate advice about a premature promotion; April and Laura weigh in with their words of encouragement and some advice for finding the right mentor.

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