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Suzy® is an on-demand consumer insights platform that connects brands directly to their target audience to get real-time feedback on any business decision, big or small. Some of the biggest brands in the world use Suzy, including Nestle, Coca-Cola, TD Bank, P&G, Kraft, KPMG, Mondelez, Johnson & Johnson, Chipotle, Citibank, Nintendo, and Office Depot.

As a relatively new startup, created in 2017, Suzy had never hired an agency before approaching Trust Relations to elevate awareness of the brand among multiple target audiences: business, marketing, food and beverage, and consumer products and goods industry leaders, as well as mainstream consumers and media.


Trust Relations developed a multi-channel public relations program for Suzy that includes publicizing the platform’s survey findings and related white papers, promoting clients’ case studies, elevating awareness of the executive team as industry thought leaders by generating bylined article, interview and speaking opportunities, and offering Suzy insights to target media for any story they were working on. Suzy President Avi Savar is now a member of the Forbes Tech Council and a regular Forbes contributor, due to these efforts.

Trust Relations has generated multiple media placements for Suzy since the beginning of the relationship in February 2019, in target outlets including: Fox Business, Business Insider, DM News, MarTech Series, Beverage Business Insights, Essence, HR Today, Refrigerated & Frozen Foods, Women of Color, Black Engineer, Hispanic Engineer, Mr Web, 21 Ninety, Builtin, The Home Authority Blog, DM News, The Takeout, HR Today, Houston Style Magazine, Urban Geeks, Progressive Grocer, Nutraceuticals World, The Packer, Recruiter,  Forbes, Today, Bulldog Reporter, and FastCompany, generating 182,052,212 impressions.


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