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PetCanva is a digitally native printing service that allows pet owners to turn everyday products such as phone cases, fleece blankets, clothing and more into personalized, beautifully-captured artistic renderings of their dog, cat or any other beloved member of their pet family. Each product is individually designed by a real-life artist to ensure a one-of-a-kind creation that is a high-quality, authentic representation of the pet.

PetCanva partnered with Trust Relations to drive media coverage around the brand’s mission, story and key product offerings, as well as position the company at the forefront of the consumer pet products industry.


Trust Relations developed a multifaceted PR plan that included crafting of a press backgrounder to communicate PetCanva’s messaging, offerings and story. Trust Relations managed all media relations and product seeding, offering editors and reporters the opportunity to test drive PetCanva’s services. The team also coordinated thought leadership tactics to reinforce the company’s position as a leader in personalized pet products.

Trust Relations successfully amplified PetCanva’s brand messaging through articles and product reviews in target publications including BuzzFeed, AskMen, iHeartRadio, Daily Paws and more.

To date, the campaign has generated over 270,000,000 impressions.


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