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Casper’s Ice Cream


A legacy brand with over 90 years of experience in the ice cream business, Casper’s Ice Cream, Inc. manufactures and sells a wide range of tasty frozen treats and came to Trust Relations in February of 2020 with the goal of increasing regional and national awareness of their sub brands: FatBoy Ice Cream, known nationwide for its rich ice cream sandwiches, and Jolly Llama, a dairy- and gluten-free option crafted to satisfy the cravings of ice cream lovers with diet restrictions, as well as to launch their third brand: Churn Baby, a boutique-style series of cookie-topped ice cream treats and cookie ice cream sandwiches.


Trust Relations developed multi-faceted PR plans for each of the company’s sub brands, and created press kits, messaging and creative media angles to ensure a consistent and timely stream of news. In addition, the agency provided editorial support for ExpoWest. As a result, Trust Relations was able to secure placements in outlets such as USA Today, Parade, BevNet, Food Navigator USA, GoDairy Free, Nosh, Veg News, Frozen & Refrigerated Buyer, Bag Snob, Veg Out Magazine, Celiac.com, Dairy Business, HJ News, In Good Taste Denver, Dairy Foods, Yahoo! Finance, Yahoo! Lifestyle, Mashed, Weekly Villager, Distractify, The Nibble and featured on The Carey Reilly Show reaching a total audience of more than 213 million ice cream lovers.


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